A Letter To My Children From Lin Walker

I thought not to have written more in this Blog, and am sure some have already erased the link, but a few more entries to bring closure for some who wanted to be but couldn’t be at the funeral, exactly 2 weeks ago today. Lin asked that a good friend read it at her funeral. Lin wrote this as an entry in 2010 in her Family Food Blog, http://kcwoman.wordpress.com/. The picture at the top of the Blog is what you see when you look out our kitchen window.



Although I have been a mother for going on 39 years now, I still question my credentials.  I just don’t feel like I’m quite up to Hallmark card standards.  I guess I’m still waiting for the “real mother” to show up and reveal me as an imposter.  I cringe when I remember some of the things I did in my capacity as mother – either from ignorance, poor judgment or sheer exhaustion.  I comfort myself with the fact that I raised seven truly wonderful human beings so I must not have done anything too egregious.

I did bring one trait  to motherhood that served me very well, and that is – I’m not afraid of snakes, spiders or rats.  You would be surprised how handy this particular trait comes in when you’re raising six sons and one adventurous daughter.  Snakes are not in the least bit slimy and are actually quite beautiful to behold.  Tarantulas, unlike their hyped up movie persona, are not vicious eight legged demons, lying in wait for an unsuspecting Two Legs to walk by so they can attack.  They are quite gentle, shy even, and would prefer to just be left alone to their spiderly ways.  And rats are probably one of the best pets you can let your children have.  They are intelligent, clean and altogether better natured than the nasty little hamsters that dominate the rodent pet market.

One of my defining moments in life came as a result of one of my children, Austin, and his pet boa constrictor, Grendyl.  The uninitiated among you may not realize that when it comes time to shed their skin, snakes go through a lot of  stress.  This has something to do with their eyesight being compromised in the process – I never did quite understand the mechanics of the situation – and they can get a little testy.  The dutiful adoptive snake parent may at times have to assist in the skin shedding process by bathing the snake so that the skin will shed more rapidly.  One time Grendyl, who was rather large, was having a particularly difficult time shedding and Austin asked me late one Saturday night to help him.  So we ran a tub full of water and plopped six feet of grumpy boa constrictor in.  Austin went off to get something and as I sat there tending Grendyl I had an epiphany of sorts:  It is midnight and I am bathing a boa constrictor.  In my bathtub.  How. Did. I. Get. Here?

When you contemplate motherhood as a sweet young thing, that just isn’t the kind of future you envision – bathing a boa constrictor at midnight.  But in the end, it is those moments – unanticipated, unplanned and sometimes even unwanted – that bring the sweetness and immeasurable joy to family life.

So, to my children, thank you for the chance to bathe boa constrictors, to spend sleepless nights rocking your feverish little bodies, to see you dressed up for dances – looking so grown up that my heart broke, and also to see you dressed up in a gorilla suit jumping out at unsuspecting motorists when they stopped at the corner.   And everything else, the everyday mundanities of motherhood that add up to a life that I have enjoyed living and look back on with pleasure.

Nothing much that I planned on but everything that I needed.  I love each of you with my whole heart.

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3 Responses to A Letter To My Children From Lin Walker

  1. Sandy Block says:

    How fortunate we are that Lin left behind such wonderful stories. I printed each entry from “Family Food,” put it in a binder (teal and red violet) and sent it to Lin shortly after her diagnosis. Thankfully I also made one for myself and feel that I have a piece of her with me at all times. I think of you often and hope that you are finding strength.

  2. Suzanne E. says:

    What a beautiful letter. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    I was out of town for almost three weeks and as a result missed the reading of this letter.

    I still am in denial – believing that my vision was off and that surely I will soon read more from and about Lin. Every Wednesday my heart saddens as I realize the truth.

    Lorin, you and your family have been so wondrous in sharing your life with us during this time. You all have such beauty in showing you hearts, your joy, your stories, your sadness, your humor and your love.

    Thank you.

  3. DEB Hillen says:

    Thank you so much Lorin for sharing again. I was at the funeral to hear this read. I have been thinking about her a lot these days. Glad to have one more glimpse!

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