April 15, 2011

Sorry to be late. This is Lorin.

She sleeps peacefully. The cardinals (bird type) are making their daily twilight run at the bird feeder, just feet from her head at the other side of the glass (window) and their insistent cheerful chirping fills the air.

Farther down the hill the trees are bursting out with leaves, ready to slurp up the sun. The circle of life.

Pain has been the issue of the week. Adjustments to the pain pump, three in all, have greatly increased comfort and left her more energy for visiting. Sarah Lin cuddled at her lap just now and left. Lin’s prediction to her namesake–“You will learn lots of words and drive your mother crazy”. Now slumber. Circle of life.

This week a drama at the window–a sharp-shinned hawk swooping at the birds on the feeder, missing, then tucked quietly into the tree a few yards west of the site, leaving in a surge of power when I stepped out onto the deck. I like hawks. And songbirds. Circle of life.

Now there are 8 people living in our little stone house, as my daughter and her girls have moved in with us. Not a square inch of floor space, top to bottom, left fallow. “Bodies strewn from Hell to Breakfast”, as my father would say. Circle of life.

She (Lin) is much, much more at peace the last few days. Courtesy, I think, of those who love her, seen and close, unseen and distant, and unseen and close. Thank you. Circle of Life.

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6 Responses to April 15, 2011

  1. Wendy Thornberry Stonerock says:

    My eyes blur with tears as I read your post Lorin and I pray for continued peace from the pain for her. I have not seen Lin since highschool but remember the sweet, intelligent young woman she had become. From her blogs I have seen that she has had a wonderful, full life overflowing with happiness, love and family. I know that you and she, both, must treasure your years together and get so much joy from your endless beautiful memories. Let Lin know that I continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers throughout each day, and may she continue to enjoy the happy cardinals, the bursting of spring around her and the knowledge of so much love being sent to her from so many. May God watch over you all.

  2. Linda Martin says:

    Tears and smiles, many prayers and much love being sent to all of you. Thank-you, Lorin, for taking the time to share with the many of us out here who love Lin dearly and cherish our memories of time spent with her. Words fail but spirits touch at times like this.

  3. Mickie Pittman says:

    Lorin, We think of you all on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis, hoping that life will be as good as possible for you all. We especially pray that Lin will have comfort to enjoy that sweet new granddaughter and the others who are gathered around her. We love her because we have been the recipients of her kind friendship. Our prayers continue for her and for you.

  4. DEB says:

    All my love and prayers to you Lin. Spring blooms eternal all around you.
    Love, Deb

  5. Marilyn Petree says:

    Lin’s blog has become such an inspiration. Thank you and Austin for keeping it up when she cannot. Our love and prayers are always with you !

  6. Mike W. says:

    Many a poet is put to shame by this prose-ful post. Thanks for sharing with us weekly what you are experiencing and putting it into words and images for those of us unseen and distant but whose spirits are stretched with concern and love.
    The birds here in the west are watchful as well, scrub jays eyeing us curiously today as we clear off the brown oak leaves and ivy from last year. The hummingbirds will be here soon; we can’t see them yet but are stocking up on sugar. The small winged creatures that come and go remind me that there are angels in our midst . . . whether we notice them or not . . . and both kinds of ephemeral visitors can buoy our spirits.

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