March 23, 2011

As I write this, we are all–4 males, one feline and three human males, and one human female, sitting in the knotty-pine-walled living room of our stone castle on the hill with natural light streaming in–two of us on computers, one of us on a kindle, and the female gazing at old technology (hardbound book), and the feline in recline, on the floor at our feet–quite the family vignette, and so, so familiar and comforting
, something that a Dutch Master would ache to paint, but I captured it instead on a Canon 7D–oops, the female just grabbed her walker and made a run for the bedroom–“time to get hooked in again”–one male left with her, and the other is assisting, the cat jumped onto the coffee table and is drinking water from a human glass and I had to remind him that he has his own water dish…oh, well, it was nice while it lasted…

Lin continues to be weaker this week. Decided against chemo as the cancer markers were up and the liver numbers were way up and Lin is so weak and the chemo, though we think it has helped us make it through these 7 months and counting, always knocks her for a temporary loop, especially as regards nausea and red blood cell count…still an option and we will re-discuss on Friday.

Oh, and Kadra just went into labor. Finally. I tease that her belly is so big now that her body is in 2 time zones. She carries them high and long. We are excited, to say the very least.

The Circle of Life. Again.

We appreciate the many good people who are connected in love and unity of purpose through this Blog and in other ways. We appreciate the angels who come to our mostly male abode each Monday and clean the spatters off the walls, etc. We appreciate the lone angel and her assistant who bring us flowers and chocolate chip cookies each Sunday. We appreciate the culinary artists who bring food each Monday and Thursday. We appreciate whoever planted the dense patches of daffodils that are once again taking over the property–something I look forward to each Spring with great anticipation. We appreciate whoever created all this beauty around us. All in all, a good day and a good season.

One at a time…as so many things are in the Circle.


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9 Responses to March 23, 2011

  1. Sandy Block says:

    I can feel the love all the way to NC and have to swallow hard to keep the tears from falling.

  2. Linda Ervin Scott says:

    everyone apprecites all u are doing for us – you are all our heros

  3. Wendy Thornberry Stonerock says:

    Continuing to think about, admire and pray for all of you each and every day!!

  4. doug booker says:

    Lin, Lorin and all. My heart goes out to you and keep you on my prayer list. May God find ways, which only He can, to bring peace and comfort to you Lin/and all around. I cannot imagine how challenging life must be for you all there, on top of just life’s ‘normal’ challenges. God’s very very best to you this day. Hope to get by and visit Lorin today! Doug Booker

  5. Linda Martin says:

    Thanks for words so filled with love, Lorin. Lin is always in my heart and in my prayers.

  6. Wish there was more I could do. Let me know if there is.

    Persevere regardless.

  7. elizabeth gaylord says:

    The Walker family is so blessed as well as inspiring. I really appreciate your sharing this experience with us and wish you all love and peace.

  8. Deb Hillen says:

    Thank you for the lovely view of life in your stone castle.
    It was so wonderful to hear Lin’s voice this week. Thank you for the call.
    I have not been able to find the phone number of the person you were looking for but am still looking.
    Love you Lin,

  9. Carol Fox-White says:

    Thanks for the update and anxious to hear about the new family member.

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