February 2, 2011

Last two days have been pretty intense. The feeding tube clogged Monday night. Tuesday morning we bundled into the car in the midst of what people said was the worst storm in these parts in 10 years for an emergency procedure to replace an errant tube. Maybe worst snow and wind I have ever traveled in. Finally arrived in time for the procedure and before doc left. Lin kept her composure all through the journey (although she did say “I am catatonic” when I asked her, halfway through our journey, how she was doing—but I thought catatonic people couldn’t talk—once again, Catch 22, I suppose). Last part of the journey, wheelchair for a block in a blizzard, was the most interesting. We all arrived caked with snow and red of nose and cheek and a rime of white around our eyes. Our friend Kay Davis came over after the procedure and got us in his 4WD jeep and we abandoned the car to the elements.

Back home, noticing loads of flowers in our bedroom, where Lin is staying. Very nice. Lots of bird visitors with the ground so snow covered and all. Someone said 16 inches. Lots of sunshine today.

Lin is getting stronger every day. Quite a workout yesterday to and from the car in the snow with a walker. Her sense of humor persists and she effectively supervises us assistant nurses so we “do it right”.

Our Baltimore friends from the early 70’s Pete and Betty Addicks cooking lots of good soup and such. I have gained a few ounces so must keep up exercise.

Adelyn our (lone) daughter Kadra’s daughter, with us all snowed in, has taken to me like white to rice…maybe it’s all the angel food cake I feed her.

Antibiotics soon to end. Doc is pleased with progress. I am pleased with progress. Just the tube glitch.

Austin resumes charge nurse duties today coming back from Austin Texas where he ran a half marathon. He feels like he more half ran a half marathon than ran.

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10 Responses to February 2, 2011

  1. Sandy Block says:

    Your descriptions are so sharp, the scenes play through my mind like a movie. Part drama/part comedy. Thank you, Lorin, for sharing with all who love Lin. Please squeeze her hand and tell her I love her.

  2. elizabeth gaylord says:

    Wow–what a trip! And all I had to worry about in our 16 inches of new show was to shovel the walks and stay out of my car. You both are so strong and it is just wonderful that Lin is getting even stronger and the procedures are working. I am very happy for both of you and am inspired by you both. Go Lin and Lorin!

  3. Ruth Carver says:

    I thank God for the strength and protection you both have been given to endure the storms of life that you are experiencing. What could be worse than having to be out in this recent blizzard and at the same time being so sick? The beauty of flowers and birds and love of those around you are blessings to brighten such a trying time. Miracles do happen. Keep on believing. I continue to pray for one in your behalf. Love, Ruth

  4. Marilyn Petree says:

    Thanks, Lorin, for your wonderful updates. All that snow is probably angel dust from all the angels hovering over your “little rock home on the hill.”

  5. DEB says:

    Wow! Glad everything worked out. Lin is such a strong gal for braving the storm ! What an adventure, Happy you are all back home again. Take care Lin, I think about you every day. Your always in my prayers,

  6. Chris Fuller says:

    O.K., I’m not going to complain any more about the Big Snow this week. We only had 12″ in Blue Springs and, like Elizabeth Gaylord notes above, all we had to do was shovel little paths and stay put. I’m still trying to visualize maneuvering a wheelchair through all of that! I think you should eat all the angel food cake you want!! I’m glad to hear the antibiotics are almost done and the doctor is pleased with the progress. GO, LIN!!!!!!

  7. Linda Martin says:

    Happy birthday wishes and lots of love, Lin, on your 29th 🙂 Who would have ever dreamed all those years ago where our roads would lead us. I’m just so grateful for the road that led us both to BYU and our days together. I carry your sweet spirit and beautiful smile in my heart always. May you cherish this birthday with your family around you.

  8. Linda Vroman says:

    Lin, Wow, what an adventure just to get to the hospital. Things aren’t even that bad here in Alaska! We only had 12” of snow; just one of many snowfalls this winter. You just take it in stride with the big scoop shovel and snowplow each time it snows. My snowplow guy makes a good 2nd wage plowing mine and several other driveways each winter!

    Hope you are feeling better this week and looking forward to Lorin’s updates. You are the one person in my life that I am so happy to have known and loved. Hey…Valentine hearts coming your way!

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