January 2, 2011

Lorin for Lin

It is noon on Sunday. I am sitting in the chair next to her bed. She has not yet discovered my presence.

She sleeps. I notice some things missing that make me happy. The oxygen tube is missing. The tube up her nose and down into her stomach is missing…no nausea. Hoo-ray. And I notice other things that add to my happiness. Her color is good. The nurse says the physical therapist was here and she walked up and down the halls. The amount she is being fed through the feeding tube has increased.

Also… they are adding milk of magnesia through the feeding tube. No action yet. Stronger stuff on tap tomorrow if needed.

I am amazed at modern science/medicine, and what can be done when it is applied by compassionate and skillful hands. We continue to pray that her progress will be sure and swift.

We look forward to having her home almost as much as we look forward to breathing. But not as much as she looks forward to familiar walls…and cats. I have not yet mustered up the gumption to smuggle Gobo Fango, super-cat, into the hospital. But I will unleash him onto the floor if they do not spring her by Friday.

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9 Responses to January 2, 2011

  1. Charlotte says:

    The cat’s presence may facilitate a quicker release from the hospital but probably not Lin’s. I am glad to hear there is progress. She is a strong girl. I love you so. Char

  2. bettie says:

    I’ll hope Poo sees those loved and familiar walls long before Friday. The comfort of a warm, purring cat is nothing short of miraculous to those of us that love them.

  3. Carol Fox White says:

    HOO-RAY is the word for today. That is truly the great news of the day.
    Idea: Once when I was in the hospital, my husband brought pictures of the cats, and the cool thing was that he taped comments from my two furbabies and played them for me every day.

  4. Pat Conner says:

    Thanks for the updates Lorin. I keep praying and checking, and letting Mike and Mom know of Lin’s progress. Love and hugs to all.

  5. elizabeth gaylord says:

    Great news–very positive. When I was in the hospital, my husband brought me a stuffed dog ( I was missing my springer spaniel) . I have it on my desk today to remind me. He also brought me a beautiful drawing set–but that was a little optimistic! I hope you can smuggle super cat in.

  6. Bonny Scott says:

    I’d like a video cam going if you attempt cat espionage. You know those furry balls of love can get a little nervous and act spontaneously! Wouldn’t that be a memory? lol. We’re so happy that Lin in improving. God willing, you can spring the “joint” very soon!

  7. Sandy Block says:

    Lorin, your words, thoughts and observations are as eloquent as Lin’s. Surely thoughts of being reunited with her kitties will promote her healing. It appears she grows more comfortable each day. Yay! My love to you, Lin, children, children-in-law, grandkids and Gobo Fango.

  8. Toni Stapley says:

    What a JOY to hear such news!!! I feel like HOPE is being written in big, bold, block letters for us all to see and revel in. Lin is strong of will and I know Jesus is helping her on her path. She has so many praying for her. If you do another fast please let me know. I’m not good at it but for Lin I will be spectacular at it.
    Love you all, Toni

  9. Lissa Bitton says:

    Glad she is on the mend – give her hugs and kisses and let her know we here in Idaho love her and are hoping for a swift get out of the hospital recovery!

    Luv to both of you,


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