December 31, 2010

Lin continues to recover from surgery, which bypassed the constricted part of her small intestine (duodenum) for the stomach to empty directly into the “new” part. She also has a feeding tube directly into the intestine. The goal is to get the GI system working again.

Thanks to all for your thoughts, prayers and physical support like housecleaning. Including children and in-laws (we consider them to also be our children, actually), who have kept the holiday momentum going, including lots of good food and new cooking experiences. We had a great Christmas, with lots of fun moments, despite, and look forward to a new year of learning, love, achievement, family unity and broader friendships.

Lin is in more pain than days previous (duh): this is her third surgery in 10 days, and the most major. But today is better than yesterday, and we hope for better tomorrow. And tomorrow. Going home 7 days after surgery is the nominal notion.

She fell early this morning. Slight bruise to knee the only damage, thankfully. Measures are in place to make sure that never happens again.

Things being managed are:

Synthroid—going well.
Blood sugar—a little wacko last two days, but watching close and now quite low
Healing of the incision and general recovery—looking good, according to doc
Pain—pain pump and injections managing it well today
Mood—she sleeps a lot, really brightens up when there are visitors, especially grandchildren; we are limiting visitors to family
Swelling in legs and abdomen—much better today and moving in the right direction
Mouth dryness and lip chapping—managed but continuing challenge, can’t use petroleum products as she is on oxygen and they don’t want an explosion (thanks BP!)
Quality and length of life—once she is stronger into recovery and home we look at chemo options again
Flowers–doing well; some new nice lilies, daisies, roses
Sunshine—lots of it today streaming in through our 4th floor hospital window

That’s about it. For those who don’t like detail I apologize for the above.

-Lorin W

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10 Responses to December 31, 2010

  1. Sandy Block says:

    Lorin, thank you so much for your thorough update. I am a big fan of detail, so please keep it coming. Her family brings her such joy, I am grateful that she is able to enjoy visits. I continue to pray for her comfort and will add the healing of dry lips to the list.

  2. Sandy Block says:

    Can you give the name of the hospital? Thanks!

  3. elizabeth gaylord says:

    I appreciate the detail you shared of Lin’s experience in the hospital. Despite the need for surgery , it sounds like she is doing well and is on her way to recovery. She has a great medical team–very, very dedicated to Lin. I wish and pray for her steady recovery and her return home to your “stone cottage”. She is fighting hard for her health and I’m sure she will be rewarded!

  4. Mickie Pittman says:

    I’ve just had my third surgery since August. Nothing like what you have gone through, Lin. But, I can sympathize with you on hoping that this is the last. I feel like I fell among cut throats and was beat up, but know in the end it will be better. Hopefully, your surgeries will make for a better quality of life and that you will feel better soon. I’m so glad to hear that your family has rallied around you and carried on. That is one of the greatest blessings that we can have, a wonderful family! And a loving husband! Here’s hoping for the best in 2011. Love you, Mickie

  5. Mickie Pittman says:

    Lorin, Try Cetaphil Moisterizing Cream for Lin’s lips or any part that is chapped. It has no odor or taste. Hope it helps her. Mickie

  6. Carol Fox White says:

    Thank you Lorin for your update. I was thinking how hard it would be waiting until Wednesday to hear how Lin had done with this surgery. I appreciate all the details and please continue to include us in her progress. My best hopes for Lin and you and family in 2011.

  7. DEB says:

    Hi Lin,
    I had hoped to come visit you at home this week, but just read the blog that Lorin posted. I’m hoping today you are feeling a bit better, recovering from all your surgeries. I came down with the flu the day after Christmas and am still fighting fever, chest congestion/bronchitus as I have had before. So obviously I will not come see you and expose you to that. But I am thinking of you and praying you will be returning home soon.
    I saw you are on Synthroid, looks like we are on some of the same meds now. You might try butter on the lips, tastes good and is not petroleum based. Good flavors better than dry lips anyway.
    Lorin, if Lin feels up to phone calls, which I do understand if she does not, give her my number. 913-359-9828. Thank you for posting the updates with details.
    Hugs to you Lin!
    Deb Hillen

  8. Patti Buhle says:

    Nordsroms carries a non petroleum based lip gloss in the baby department. We got it for my granddaughter who is also on oxygen.

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