December 29,2010

This is Lorin, Lin’s husband of 39 years.

In a few hours Lin goes to surgery. Right now she is walking up and down the halls with a physical therapist.

Her pain control is greatly enhanced, with a combo of pain pump installed under her skin and periodic boosters via IV. Nausea continues, but at a low level and mostly controlled. She is very tired of the tube stretching like a rubber snake up through her nose and into her stomach, but the alternative is constant, semi-violent vomiting…once the operation is successful and all the stomach and gimlet-parts are working, she loses the tube. A loss will have never been more welcome.

She retains her sense of humor–I told her how well she is doing–she said–“That’s questionable.”

I continue to be impressed with the nurses–definitely a cut above. Cheerful, positive, honest/direct, responsive. And our Doc Singh, oncologist, is a model of attentiveness–he showed up this morning before I got out of my bed in the room, which is not easy to do with my morning-person routine, and he was here late last night.

Many of the nurses who work here went to school here and wanted to stay; makes me glad this is where our youngest son has chosen to start nursing school next month.

Not much more to say. Our hope is that the op is totally successful, that the recovery indeed takes only 7 days, and that she can be home again in our stone cottage on stone hill. Gobo Fango (regular cat) and One-eyed Jack (the stray she adopted) miss her.

We all know where to focus our faith and prayers. Thanks for yours and your love. We feel it and it is a most welcome feeling.

(Lin has approved this post).

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10 Responses to December 29,2010

  1. Sandy Block says:

    Many, many thanks, Austin, for your update. Please tell her when she’s able to chew again, I owe her some Vern’s Toffee, only after confirming that it’s gluten free. Please squeeze her hand and tell her I love her.

  2. Becky Basaldua says:

    Lin, I are praying for you and I read this saying every day: “This is GOD! I will be handling all your problems today. I will not need your help – so, have a good day.” That is faith.

  3. Becky Basaldua says:

    Lin, I am praying for you and I read this saying every day: “This is GOD! I will be handling all your problems today. I will not need your help – so, have a good day.” That is faith.

  4. Tracy Minter says:

    Everytime I read the updates I cry, because I know what you are all going through. My love and prayers are with you all!

  5. Carol Fox White says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

  6. Pat Conner says:

    Lorin and all – please update us as soon as you can. Just know that loving arms virtually surround you all and our hopes and prayers continue.

  7. Linda Ervin Scott says:

    I think often of a statement i once heard “You can’t always control what happens in your life – but u can control how you respond to it” . It sounds to me like your family and friends are believers in this philosopy. L.S ……. and heres to a peaceful 2011

  8. Suzanne Riggin says:

    Love and prayers coming all the way from Tucson, Arizona. Lin, your husband is as eloquent as you are… please give her a hug for me and tell her that my new sewing room is finally ready to use. Please come for a visit when Lin is all well.

  9. Marilyn Petree says:

    Our heart aches for all your pain! Hope the New Year sees you home and comfortable with happy, contented cats to cuddle with you.

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