Thursday December 23, 2010

Guest blogist this time.

Monday midnight we took Lin to the hospital with tremendous pain.

Tuesday morning

I am in the hospital with Lin right now. She is sleeping soundly. Today they did some “scoping” to learn more of what was causing her jaundice and heightened pain. Took a camera into the top of her GI tract, basically. Kept her knocked out pretty good.

What they found: the bile duct from her liver was blocked. Her duodenum (start of the small intestine) was also constricted. Luckily (the doctor said) he was able to find the bile duct, that comes down from the liver, put in a stint, which worked well in dumping the bile from the liver, so current problem solved for now.

They do a CAT scan early tomorrow morning to learn more what is going on (e.g., has the pancreas mass grown and is that causing any blockage), which will tell them what options are available. Then at 4 they “install” a pain pump. Hope to have her come home on Thursday.

That’s about it. Sorry for the medical terms, which I probably murdered.

Spencer just came (we did a spin class together at 24 Fitness about an hour ago) and Lin is conversing, started out pretty entertaining, but now fully coherent.

Thanks for everyone’s help, visits, prayers…….and books.

It is now Thursday morning.

CAT scan looks OK.

Finally. Food. She can eat. Pretty exciting, actually. Once we change out the glutinous food for the virtuous food.

The GI doc says see him in 2 weeks. The pain pump doc says see him in one week. The cancer doc says see him in 4 days. Looks like we get to go home today (Thursday) sometime.

Lin is in fairly good spirits and has not lost her sense of humor. I told her before I left last night how good she was doing, and she said “That’s questionable.”

Pain, the reason we came in Monday, is totally handled. Good news. Still an unknown distance yet to run, unknown territory.

Christmas shopping, directives to Santa, food prep and all is handled. Thanks to all the Christmas elves (subordinate clauses?).

We wish all a glorious family and spiritual weekend. Be sure to make some good memories.

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11 Responses to Thursday December 23, 2010

  1. Bettie says:

    Good news about the CAT scan and eating! I know it’ll feel good to be home again.

  2. Jane Sells says:

    I love you, Lin.

  3. Linda Ervin Scott says:


  4. Sandy Block says:

    Ditto to Linda Ervin Scott’s comment! And thank you, “guest blogger” for the update. Had a feeling something wasn’t “normal.” Please hold Lin’s hand tightly for me. Cherish the love which surrounds your family.

  5. Mickie Pittman says:

    Thanks for the update! So sorry for the necessary trip to the hospital and all the pain, prodding, etc. But, am grateful to hear that Lin is managing the pain now and that the bile duct is loosed. We hope you all have a happy Christmas with your family and that Lin is able to enjoy having the family close. We are grateful for the peace of knowing our Savior was born so long ago and that he has prepared everything for our return.
    Love you Lin! And all!
    Mickie and Pitt

  6. elizabeth gaylord says:

    I’m very grateful that the doctors found what was causing the pain and repaired it. Thank you for that update. All of us here in Vermont wish you, Lin, and your family a very Merry Christmas!

    Love, Beth

  7. Chris Fuller says:

    Lin, your “guest bloggist” filled us in this week and, I suspect, keeps you entertained on a regular basis. Husband??? I hope by the time you’re able to read this that you’re feeling ok and ready to celebrate Christmas with your family. Many prayers for you and your family coming your way this holiday season! Keep smiling!!

  8. Linda Martin says:

    Sending you all much love and many prayers. May the peace of this Christmas season surround you and the Lord enfold you in His arms. How grateful I am for the roommate I met so many years ago, for the times we have spent together, and for the love we share.

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  10. Elizabeth says:

    Moses prayer for his sister Miriam…
    May you continue to find courage, strength of body, and peace of mind…

  11. DEB says:

    So glad to hear they released you before Christmas, hope you had a joyous time with family and friends. We enjoyed our family all here this year and are recuperating today from the celebration.
    Hope you are home relaxing with all of your loved ones. Praying for your upcoming doctors appointments to have good news for you. I’m glad they were able to find the problem and give you some relief from the pain fairly quickly.
    Our family is still here until Tuesday, will call after they are headed home. If you feel like a short visit I’m available. Love you and thinking of you always!

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