December 1st, 2010

Happy December to everyone!  It really is hard to believe that 2010 is in its waning hours and 2011 is just around the corner.  December will be a busy month here at the Walkers, as I am sure it will be at your house.

I am currently attached to my portable chemo pump and very much looking forward to getting it removed this afternoon.  After doing a lot of research, a lot of talking to people “in the know” I decided (with my doctors’ blessing) to not add the fifth chemo to the mix.  Its primary side effect is diarrhea – really bad diarrhea – and after my year long bout of that  until they finally diagnosed my celiac disease, I just didn’t feel like I wanted to go there.  He is looking into some other options.  Meanwhile, Monday I did the 5-FU treatment which is what I have been doing (this is my third cycle.)  I was very tired afterwards – basically came home and slept until Tuesday morning.  But yesterday was able to put on my Grandma hat for a couple of hours, and also prepare for a family tradition we do the evening of every November 30th (our “Christmas Is Here Again” celebration.)  On Thursday I have another CT scan and Friday I visit with the doctor about what that shows – so I may add an addendum on Friday to this blog to let you know.  My cancer markers were down somewhat (from 39,000 to 30,000) so the chemo is having some effect.  Emotionally I’m hanging in there – as I mentioned before, the holidays are turning out to be very hard for me.  I wasn’t even sure if I could do the traditional celebration last night – was afraid I would totally break down.  But I didn’t and I’m glad we went ahead and did it.

That’s about all the news – other than the fatigue I feel like a pretty normal “human bean” as my daughter used to say.  I hope all you other “human beans” that are reading this had a good holiday and have a good week ahead of you!

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11 Responses to December 1st, 2010

  1. walkerswalkabout says:

    You are amazing.

  2. Val Reaves says:

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Carol Fox White says:

    I am glad you are enjoying the beginning of the holiday season and spending time with your family. Great to hear that you feel like a “human bean”.

  4. Linda Martin says:

    Sometimes there are no words-just a heart filled with love. You are always in my prayers. How grateful I am for friendships that are forever. I love you, Lin.

  5. Chris Fuller says:

    Thanks for keeping all of us up-to-date with this blog. The November 30 tradition sounds like fun and I’m glad you were able to enjoy it. Thinking of you today and tomorrow, and hoping your scan and follow-up with the doctor goes well. Hugs!!!!

  6. Tracy Minter says:

    Have a great Christmas Lynn! And it is alright to cry. I still do every holiday!

  7. Jennifer Reeves says:

    Was so wonderful to get to come spend a little time with you this week. You are truly an inspiration and always have been to me. Love both of you dearly.


  8. Toni Stapley says:

    Christmas is here again. Srand up and cheer again! I think of that song and sing/hum it most every Dec. 1st . Thanks for that song in my life. Huge hug, T

  9. Toni Stapley says:

    Oops, that’s stand, of course. 🙂

  10. elizabeth gaylord says:

    I’m very impressed with the great care you are getting. And–with your ability to handle the complicated treatments. You are in inspiration to all. We are getting our first snow–Christmas is coming very soon and so little time to prepare! I hope you and your family enjoy the preparations as well as the day. Much love, Beth

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