November 18th, 2010

A day late – life does get complicated.  But not bad complicated.  Just complicated.  I did get sprung from the hospital last Wednesday afternoon, complete with all the requisite insulin pens and more instructions than I could possibly remember.  I have spent the week trying to adjust to my new life with needle pokes from morning ’til evening.  I’ve gone from my blood sugar being way too high to it being too low.  Learning how to deal with both issues.  I did have a post hospital doctor visit on Monday and he said he was pleased with things in general as far as my health is concerned.  He may even add a fifth chemo agent to the brew next Monday.  The actual chemo process is quite long – takes most of the day.  So a fifth product added to the mix will lengthen it even more.  Not looking forward to that.  But no big problems with side effects so far!  Many things to be thankful for all in all.  Hope everyone is well and looking forward to a nice holiday.

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5 Responses to November 18th, 2010

  1. Dian Stanley says:

    Glad to hear the Dr is pleased with your health! If it isn’t one thing it’s another. Sorry I keep missing Art 2 Wear and seeing you. It never seems to come on a good night.

    Have a great Thanks giving and remember to relax and enjoy. Let someone else do all the work.


  2. Carol says:

    Yes, I am also glad to hear that the Dr is pleased. I know that the finger pricking gets “ouchie” in a hurry; but tells the story on that blood sugar. I hope you have a good weekend with your family.

  3. elizabeth gaylord says:

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am happy that your doctor is pleased with your progress. 🙂

  4. Ruth says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Lin, to Lorin and all your children and grandchildren!
    We have a lot to be thankful for!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful comments and updates. Thank you for your friendship all these years! You are wonderful!!!
    Take care! Keep up the good work!

  5. Ruth says:

    May the Lord bless you always and keep you healthy!!!!

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