November 10, 2010

Well, today finds me not so happily ensconced in Research Medical Center here in Kansas City. I have been here since Monday – every day is a surprise. When I went in for my chemo I was dehydrated (despite the fact that I feel like I drink enough to keep an entire school of fish afloat) and my blood sugar totally out of whack. So I am in here learning about insulin and receiving a fluid drip along with my chemo drip. I hope to get “sprung” this afternoon. I am feeling pretty well and looking forward to attending the sewing group I have been teaching for six years over the next week. I have missed my “Bernina ladies!’) Hoping for no more medical surprises in the next little while that will interfere with that. We have family coming and going for the holidays – it should be a lot of fun and I hope I am able to have enough energy to enjoy it. We are (of course!) simplifying a great deal from the massive ordeal that a holiday dinner at our home usually is – even buying a pre-cooked turkey (I usually brine my own.) Once again, thanks to everyone for cards, thoughts, prayers, etc. This is not something I would have chosen but it has taught me how very blessed I am in family and friendships.  I may add an addendum to this later today – still waiting for the results of the CA19-9 tests which are the “cancer numbers” and tell if they’re going up, down or staying the same.  My weight has finally stabilized – so I hope to be able to maintain that or even gain back five pounds or so to give me some leeway.  I think a lot of that weight loss had to do with the dehydration.  We are still enjoying lovely autumn weather here.  And I am still behind on my emails!  Just know I appreciate your comments so much and will get back to you eventually!

The doctor walked in just as I published this.  The CA 19-9 has not decreased – slight increase.  But everything else is looking good.  They may change therapy again around Thanksgiving if is stays the same.  He says for right now things are going well.  I would, of course, have preferred the decrease but I feel good mostly – can’t ask for much more.

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19 Responses to November 10, 2010

  1. Jennifer Reeves says:

    Hey Lin,

    I’m sorry you’re in the hospital. Hoping you are well enough to get to go home today. Sorry I haven’t been by to see ya, I’ve been so afraid of exposing you to the illnesses we’ve had here. But I really want to come see you when you are feeling up to it, we are finally all feeling better here. Love you so much and miss you.


  2. beth says:

    I love you Lin. You are a ray of sunshine. You are always uplifting and positive. I am grateful to have you in my life.

    On a different note, did you ever in your life imagine you’d wish to GAIN five pounds???

  3. Val Reaves says:

    Hi Lin…Thanks for the update and the good news. I hope you can enjoy your Thanksgiving. You’re in my prayers.
    Val 🙂

  4. Mickie Pittman says:

    I think about you every day and pray that you are doing well. Sewing is my refuge and so I understand how much you want to continue that. It is the one thing that is relaxing, fulfilling, and fun. Hope you have a great holiday and that all of your family enjoy that time together. Love ya!

    • kcwoman says:

      Thanks, Mickie. Those wonderful Texas years seem so long ago and yet the friendships endure. What type of sewing do you do? Quilting? I think I remember that. I am looking forward to the holidays – just not the cold weather. I’ve lost so much of my “warm, fluffy layer” that I’m afraid the cold is really going to get to me this year!

  5. Paulette Wells says:

    Hi Lin,
    Think of you often and hope to see you at our club meeting. I always look forward to your Christmas projects and didn’t realize we had been doing this for six years. Just know you are in our prayers.

    • kcwoman says:

      See you soon – I was able to attend the Blue Springs group Thursday and am adamant that NOTHING will interfere with next Saturday. Suzanne and I have a joint program – she has done most of the work. I just want to SEE everyone!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Lin, You may be in bed, but by golly your wearin’ your BOOTS!!!! xxxooo, e

  7. DEB says:

    Hope you are home and enjoying this beautiful sunny Saturday!
    Glad you will make it to Bernina club this month.
    I have already missed 2 meetings this month but am planning on making it to the rest. I’m also hoping you are planning on coming to Art2WearKC this Thursday as it will be our last regular meeting for 2010. We need to discuss doing something for December.
    Hope to see you soon.

    • kcwoman says:

      I should be able to be at ArtWear – will let you know closer to the Thursday. We have company so it may be dicey. It was great to get to the Blue Springs Bernina Club – hope to get to the others tomorrow and next Saturday..

  8. Toni says:

    I found your blog!! 🙂 I hope today was a good day for you and that you got to attend your class. I think of you daily and hope you are enduring the best you can. I am shipping five of my pounds to you. If more is needed I am ready to sacrifice. A boat load of love! T

    • kcwoman says:

      Glad you found it and hope it helps keep you updated! Call anytime – and I’ll try to, too. Seems like I only think of it at inopportune times. I accept your kind donation of 5 lbs – my doctor will be thrilled!

      • Toni says:

        I called but you were at the Dr. I had a nice chat with Mica. Then the next time I thought about calling it was close to midnight your time. I’ll try to catch you tomorrow. I was happy to hear about Kaydra’s project. Love you all. T

      • Lin Walker says:

        Micah told me you had called. I will try you this evening – we will be out and about today. Lorin’s mother and brother are in town. Sorry I missed your call! much love, Lin

  9. Denise rogers says:

    Hey Lin, so I found the website and read your entire story and all the posts you entered. Amazing story – how one day can change all the rest of them! Every Christmas when I put out my “Fireplace Santa” I remember making it with you. Also a few weeks ago I unwrapped all my porcelin baby dolls that we made together using your kiln. (my girls left them with me for safe keeping until later) The “Autumn Leaves” porcelin doll still sits on my shelf in my living room that you made and gave to me. Lots of fun memories. Sorry to hear that Jason didn’t make it this weekend, I’m sure he is WAY disappointed! I am praying for you and your sweet family to be comforted during this difficult trial.


  10. elizabeth gaylord says:

    I’m lining up to give way the extra 5 lbs to you, Lin! Thanksgiving here we come! I’m so glad that you and Sandy found me for the HHS reunion so that I could get to know you again after so many years. Your interest in sewing is something we have in common. I remember you at HHS ats”that” person to admire who had everything. I am still flattered that I was one of the wild 4 who spent a week at Rehoboth Beach after graduation!

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