Wednesday, October 20th

As I suspected I would, today I was officially “booted out” of the clinical trial. My doctor said he had never seen anyone have such a severe reaction to the two “known” chemos that they were using. One gave me the rash from hell that I mentioned, and the other just kept knocking my blood counts so low that they couldn’t do the chemo. Not to mention that it didn’t appear to be working. The CT scan yesterday showed that the pancreatic tumor has not grown, but my liver involvement has increased. They gave me a shot of something called Nupigen (and I haven’t a clue if that is spelled correctly – most likely not!) that rebuilds the blood cells.  If that works and the blood counts are high enough, Monday I start a new course of treatment where I go in and have a drip line installed, then go home and get dripped into for two days, then return again on Wednesday to get it taken out. This is done every two weeks, instead of every week, which will be nice! Unfortunately, the nasty side effect I am going to be dealing with is nausea. So they’re loading me up with all the high octane anti-nausea meds so I can be as comfortable as possible. I don’t get nauseated easily so I’m hoping  that stands me in good stead. They will continue this course for four rounds – getting us right up to Christmas.  Then he says I can have a two week break over Christmas so I will feel as well as possible during that time.  The next CT scan is scheduled for the end of the four rounds.

Although my chemo schedule has changed, I will still plan on doing an update on Wednesdays, even if it’s just to say “everything is fine” or “I’m puking my guts out but otherwise everything is fine!”  That way those of you who are following this will know when to check for a message.

Meanwhile,  I have a gift of an extra day this week – usually chemo day is a “lost day” because it made me so sleepy I would just come home and sleep until the next morning (in addition to fighting a high fever all night due to my reaction to the “mystery” drug in the brew.)  So I’ve had a nap and am feeling good and may just go out for a drive in this beautiful fall weather!

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7 Responses to Wednesday, October 20th

  1. Clair Walker says:

    Hard to read….Grateful to read your writings….

  2. Lissa Bitton says:

    I am sorry to hear that the clinical trial didn’t work out for you – but it sounds like they have an alternative treatment to help you! Dad used to chew papaya tablets when he got nauseous if you need a natural non-drug remedy to take in between the anti-nausea meds before it’s time to take more. I am sending a little gift with Char to send you some cheer and support! Thinking of you and praying for you!

    Luv ya,


  3. Annette says:

    Thanks for sharing! Life sometimes throws us curve balls, doesn’t it???!!! Jess and I wish you and your family ALL the best! You’re in our prayers!

    Annette Moulton

  4. Irene Christensen says:

    My thoughts and prayers are always with you and Lorin I love you so much! I am here when ever you need me!

    With all my love Irene

  5. DEB says:

    You looked really good last night. Keep up the good attitude, it will be your best medicine! Will talk to you before next Wednesday, Hugs,

  6. Buddy Dawson says:

    Dear Linda,
    Thank you for sharing your news and your thoughts. It was so nice to see you at the HHS 40th reunion, and I have thought often about the hilarious stories from our childhood we traded that night.

    My love and prayers are with you,
    Buddy Dawson

  7. elizabeth gaylord says:

    They are sure keeping you busy with all the treatments! It sounds like the nausea meds will work since they are loading you up with them. All you need to do is to feel well and make use of those days that you do and are not attached to a drip. I hope your weather is as pleasant as it is in Vermont so you can take lots of lovely drives–Love to you,

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